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INCREASE YOUR EXPLOSIVE POWER, STRENGTH, SPEED, ENDURANCE, AGILITY AND MOBILITY with our sport specific training programs and holistic classes. Individually tailored training programs administers by professional trainers provide an opportunity for in sport performance gains. Private 1-1 and small group classes available to transform each athletes' specific needs.

HOCKEY TRAINING is different than any other contact sport because hockey requires the successful combination of STRENGTH, POWER and SKILL but also incorporates the necessity for BALANCE, AGILITY and CONTROL to be able to perform on a skate blade.

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Heavy Lifting


Season and age specific strength training programs are created to benefit hockey players immensely from weight training which transfers to a better overall on-ice performance. Hockey players need to be strong if they want to optimize their potential, there’s no question about it. It is an important part of the all around athlete's success. 


This speed, agility and plyometric focused class will be offered to help our athletes improve their fast twitch muscle connection. Being a top tier athlete, is predicated on being fast and explosive. Power is the name of the game in Hockey. Plyometrics will allow an athlete to start quicker, change direction more rapidly, accelerate faster, and improve overall speed. Once we learn the basic mechanics of movement, we will begin to ramp up the intensity through education, competition, and fun! The ability of a hockey athlete to change initial direction to a predetermined location and space on the ice is an important factor to the game

On a Run


 The principle this class will highlight, is mobility and hip strength. The best ability is availability. Injury prevention is key to becoming the best version of yourself, and sustaining it for as long as you possibly can. During our mobility programming, we will improve the way your body moves in space, while also helping you prevent future injuries. Strengthening hips is a crucial element in hockey. The spine needs to have stability in order for it to move properly. Essentially, stability sends the signal to the body that it's safe to move the spine because we are well-protected. Protecting hips and hip flexors from injury. 


This class will focus on improving core strength and improve upon your mobility. A strong core improves posture, decreases pain, and gives you a great foundation to build on. We will improve core strength through a series of ab exercises that will always be different and will challenge you in different ways, depending on the focus of that day. Core strength translates to the player that never loses a puck battle, that can put their entire weight into a shot, or continue their stride while protecting the puck.

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