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As a retired professional hockey player, and having trained under some of the world’s best sports performances coaches, Ernie Hartlieb knows the ins and outs of what it takes as an athlete to achieve success at all levels of sport.


He fought through an almost life ending head injury to prove that if you have the willpower and passion, accompanied by hard work and a team of support around you, you too can achieve success at the next level. 


He learned quickly that all athletes are unique in their training needs.


Whether you are a beginner learning the basics of the game or an advanced athlete focused on a future career there is always a need for more work; focused on the unique needs of each athlete. 


It’s with this in mind that we created  a positive and supportive environment in which athletes build confidence and mental strength for their sport and life, while conveniently located in the rink makes it a perfect opportunity to be all in. 


Heat is a unique training facility where athletes who are just beginning can train in the same facility as an NHL player.  


Atmosphere that inspires others to work hard towards a personal goal while being surrounded by like minded athletes with passionate, qualified and experienced coaches is our priority. 


A space to transform athletes completely; total sports performance enhancement, skating, hockey knowledge/ education, stick skills, recovery and nutrition.


  • Holistic evaluation, Analyze, and Advise

  • Tailored focus, season, and age specific consistent programming

  • Accountability and peer competition through small group and 1 on 1 training under the guidance of pro coaches with industry and niche expertise

  • Coaching beyond data results…and teaching the intangibles, work ethic, will, focus, breathing, mindset and beyond..

  • Track and Adjust

  • Test




It's simple - YOU own your outcome in sport. If you want to elevate your game YOU must make the choice to transform yourself! 


Once you’ve chosen, train with intention, every session, every rep!! We can help you facilitate this transformation, by understanding your individual athletic needs tailoring, programs and classes around those personalized needs. After that it’s up to you to put in the time and effort. We are here to support and guide you!

Once you become a HEAT athlete it doesn't end here. Our expectation of you is that you keep this same mindset every time you step on the ice, regardless of the environment. You represent us and you, in the rink, in the classroom and in your community. 

Play, train and live with the intention to grow, improve, and contribute! 

why heat?


  • Results and reviews

  • State of the art facility and training tools

  • Professional coaching team 

  • Smart training periods - 4x 12 weeks annually 

  • Holistic and customized program offerings

  • In-season and out of season specific training

  • Only 4 athletes per class

  • Personalized attention to movement detail

  • Age and level specific groupings

  • Convenient 30 to 60 minute pre or post practice in-arena programs (Convenience)

  • Continually evolving cycles and new training tactics 

  • As a centralized resource of hockey education for South Florida, HEAT hosts special guest coaches and trainers throughout the year. So stay tuned to our special events calendar!




Hey there! We're Miranda and Ernie Hartlieb, founders of HEAT (Hartlieb Elite Athlete Transformation).

Ernie retired from his professional career in 2010 after five years with the Florida Everblades, but despite his playing days being over, his love for the game is unmatched. He has always been committed to not only the team, but to the fans and youth programs at Hertz Arena. I have watched him dedicate many hours, behind the scenes volunteering his time to many charities hosted by the team well into retirement. He literally bleeds Blue and Green. Hockey has never been about the money, his passion is unmatched. He believes everyone should experience the game!

I share that same passion and belief! Hertz Arena was my second home as well in college while commentating FGCU hockey games. We both share a strong love for the game; strong is probably an understatement! Our children, Hunter 8, and Jax 6, do as well. They have been on the ice since 1.5 years old and have loved the game from the minute a stick was in their hand. It literally is in there blood! We live at the rink, which is why it made perfect sense to open HEAT.

We look forward to creating positive change so that the entire program, all youth and professionals will flourish! We are honored and look forward to watching our athletes grow as individuals and player/athletes. We believe in developing an athlete by providing all the important elements for success; On and off ice training, nutrition and recovery! We are beyond grateful for this opportunity and look forward to working with you all!

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